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Steve Wilkinson (1950) was born in Brooklyn, New York.

It was mainly his mother who was responsible for his musical talents. He grew up surrounded by records of Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and Muddy Waters; New York was the center of music in those days and music was everywhere in Brooklyn. He roamed the streets of Manhattan with a completely drunk John Lennon at his arm. Jimi Hendrix was his long time friend; he used to carry his guitars into the clubs Jimi used to play, 'cos he couldn't afford the entrance fee. At age eighteen he recorded at the famous Plant Studio's in New York and met and recorded with the likes of Keith Moon, Debbie Harry, Mitch Mitchell and Paul McCartney.

Steve toured and traveled the world extensively eversince and made more than one country his temporary home.He met many musicians while on the road and consequently hooked up with numerous bands the world over. In Rome, Italy, he fronted "The Harp Bluesband", in Holland he was lead singer in a nine-piece soulband, and in Germany it was Rock 'n Roll time.

The number of songs on his repertoire is therefore baffling, ranging from jazz to soulmusic, though he never strayed far from the root of all black music: the unpolished blues from the Deep South.

Steve Wilkinson undoubtedly is one of the finest blues singers around; a real down-home Bluesman and powerful performer with lots of heart and soul.

It is truly a sight for sore eyes to just watch Wilkinson perform: kicking the bassdrum, ruffling the washboard or snare drum, playing the bluesharp and do his singing, all at the same time…




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Steve Wilkinson