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Hans de Vos was born in Holland.
He started out playing the guitar sometime in the early seventies, only to find that just about ev'ry other guy his age had been having the same notion of how to become a local six-string -rasping-celebrity overnight.
In due course that situation evidently caused a notorious lack of bass-players in the local music scene…
The competitors for the Limelight were plentiful, of dubious talent, and very, very loud.
Hans quietly switched to bass.
And so, where many 'Guitar-Gods' to be faded into obscurity and a steady job, Hans was playing his fingers to the bone with numerous bands on countless stages.

He applied for The Academy of Music, graduated, and made his mother proud; he was to become a music teacher, if need be….
In 1983 he was invited by 'Champion' Jack Dupree and Johnny 'Big Moose' Walker, to join them for a tour in Canada.
In between the gigs with Dupree, he jammed extensively with the local Jazz and Bluesscene whom were very reluctant to let him go back home.
He stayed for over six months and was only 'released' after pledging a solemn promise 'to be back for sure…'
Back home in Holland he was swept away on tour with Chick Willis, which took him all over Europe. The same fate was bestowed on him when he hooked up with Calvin Jackson and Cass Ian later on.
In between he played with numerous Blues- and Jazz-musicians and he was able to fulfill a long time promise at last…..
He went back to Ottawa, Canada, to play the Tulip festival; the Toronto Jazz festival being next on the list….

His skill on the acoustic double bass goes without saying. Where he really excels, is in his ability to adept instantly to musical mood changes -the very essence of improvised music- while keeping up a steady, relentless, mesmerizing pace.


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Hans de Vos