Cas Ian
vocals, guitars

Though his fathers' home stood in New Jersey USA, Cas lived most of his life in Holland. The American link and his fathers' love for Blues and Spirituals did not fail to greatly influence Cas in his musical preferences ever since those early years. At age 15 he bought his first acoustic guitar, which he still owns; cracks and all…..

Never much of a disciplined scholar, he taught himself playing the instrument mostly by trial and error, and by listening to his favorite performers Lightning Hopkins, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Fred McDowell and BB King. The latter and Eric Clapton were his main inspiration when he picked up the electric guitar later on. Cas traveled and toured with the likes of Uncle Ben Perry from Memphis, bluesharp player Jon Morris and R.L. Burnside from Holly Springs,(Miss.)

In recent years he played and toured extensively with Mississippi blues drummer Calvin Jackson ; ex son-in-law to RL. and former drummer in RL's band the Soundmachine. It turned out to be a fruitful collaboration; their mutual musical influences produced a blues-style not much heard outside of Mississippi no more. That very fact, and their live-reputation of 'guys kickin' up some dust', brought them all over Europe -and beyond- to play the main Bluesstages and festivals. The CD recording Cas made with Calvin was internationally very well received and got them a nomination for the W.C. Handy Awards 2001.

"Going Down South" (CRS, mmbcd6) with Jackson, is another clear reminder of his early musical influences and he was noted and praised by international media for his chilling, haunting, authentic slide-guitar style, song-writing and vocal abilities. He recorded in the Czech Republic the CD "Gone Fishing" as special guest with The Riverside Bluesband. At one time proclaimed "the best kept blues secret", his style of singing and playing got blues veteran R.L. Burnside to remark: " 's you sure you ain't from Mississippi ??".


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